Back in the 80′s Linda was a driving force in the campaign to save our village landmark, The Old Fire Station, for posterity. She always supported the continued work that the Sandgate Heritage Trust do to maintain and preserve this iconic and much loved building. She maintained interest and continued to voice her suggestions for improvements right up to her passing. The Trust and the Sandgate Community are indebted to her for her fortitude in her campaigning and for the generosity she always showed the Sandgate Heritage Trust.

To mark our gratitude and to commemorate and celebrate the life of Linda, the Trustees of the Sandgate Heritage Trust, commissioned a decal for the Front Door to the Reading Room of the Old Fire Station.  The design was based on a woodcut by Michael Renton, which was commissioned by Linda in 1984.  

It was then used as the Letterhead and in publicity leaflets.

This shows the success, for the Trust, of the Postcards produced!

See it being used for the 100 year Anniversary Celebrations of the Old Fire Station, here is a lovely picture of Margaret Turnhill, now deceased, at the children’s prize giving in 1984 before the Reading Room was restored.

And a shot of Linda at the Celebration dinner in 1984.Publicity 3

It was this very same design, that the Trustees, decided would be an appropriate choice for the door decal and this would provide a fitting tribute to Linda, and by adding her name, noting the dates of her very long life, we have created a lasting tribute to her.  Every visitor to the Reading Room and the Old Fire Station cannot fail to notice it.